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Warming My Heart

Dear Friends,

It's incredible how a few days of bitterly cold weather and snow can make us very thankful for the sunshine and warm temperatures that followed. While we were at our coldest, I called my child in Minot, ND. Their weather there was a minus 20 with a windchill of minus 50. Then I listened to the news reports of Texas conditions where millions were without power and are still without water. It certainly put my whining into perspective.

I think the problem for so many of us right now is that we have this deep-down feeling that things are not supposed to be like this. It doesn't get so cold in Missouri or certainly not in Texas for so many days that pipes freeze and break, and the power goes out. Our hearts are also sure that half a million people in this country alone should not be dead from Covid 19. And yet, pipes froze (we know that because our Narthex sprung a veritable waterfall), the power went out, water is scarce, and people did die.

I confess that it is easy to become stuck in the problems, the stuff that seems so unfair, those things that seem so big we don't know where to begin. This past week has been a bit of a "whiny" time for me. And then, yesterday, I had an amazing conversation with the Partners in Vision team from the National Church. The amazing part is what I heard myself sharing with them:

• We are continuing our contributions to Crossline.

• We take PB&J sandwiches to the homeless and soup to the Connecting Grounds.

• We take a meal once a month to Ekklesia.

• We updated our internet service for the church building.

• We have replaced the boiler without going into debt.

• We replaced the heating/cooling unit for the office area without going into debt.

• We have negotiated a lease agreement with Kids First that is much closer to comparable property in our area.

• We are asking Kids First to pay their utility bill.

• We are updating our Audio/Visual equipment so that we can be a voice in our community.

• We are reaching folks with our worship services – including several in California.

• We now have a Sunday school for our children in grades 3-6

• We received a grant from the Lilly Foundation that allows your pastor a sabbatical time.

Amazing! Truly amazing! And it puts things in a new perspective.

Jesus' words as he begins his ministry, according to Mark, are, "Now is the time! Here comes God's kingdom! Change your hearts and lives, and trust this good news!" That is the perspective that Jesus tells us, shows us, and asks us to look for – the amazing news of the inbreaking of God's kin-dom on earth. We are looking for the inbreaking of the kin-dom, and we will continue to do as faithful friends who follow Jesus.

In Christ,

Pastor Sue

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