A Look at Celtic Spirituality

October 18
Listening for the Goodness
          Genesis 1 – p25
          Humanity is created in the image of God


October 25

Listening Within Creation

            John 1

            Goodness of all creation and the presence of God within all creation


November 1

All Saints Day

            1 John 3-4

            Honoring those who went before us


November 8

Listening with Imagination

            Genesis 28:10-22

            Jacob’s Ladder


November 15

Listening and Acting

            James 1-2

            Be doers of the word and not merely hearers


November 22

Two Ways of Listening

          John 13:34                  John 8:7-11

          Matthew 5:18              Matthew 5:28-30

          John and Peter – affirming the essential goodness in every life while remaining alert to the evils that           surround us.

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